Sara Evans Comes Out of Hiding
October 19, 2006

In her first sighting since the news of her divorce scandal broke, Sara Evans was out and about in Nashville Thursday with her children.

Meanwhile, "Extra" uncovered a lost interview in which Sara discussed infidelity.

On WPLJ's "Scott and Todd in the Morning Show," Evans was asked what she would do if she ever caught her husband cheating.

"You know, I'd kill him," she said, quickly adding, "But that's never going to happen. I have a great guy."

"Extra" breaks more news about Alison Clinton, the former nanny Sara accused of cheating with her estranged husband, Craig.

Alison maintained her innocence, telling us, "I had no contact sexually with Craig."

But there is only one way to know if the nanny is telling the truth: a lie detector test. Alison just took one, and we have the results first.

On Thursday, the man who administered Alison's polygraph broke news to "Extra," telling us there was "no deception indicated," which means that she passed.

The nanny also empathetically denied that she's among the explicit photos of women Sara claims she discovered on Craig's computer hard drive.

"I wouldn't come out and put my name and my family on the line, and swear that I didn't do this if I'm not 100% sure," Alison vowed.

Alison did admit that she has sold her story, accepting money from other television shows for her interview. However, "Extra" did not pay Ms. Clinton.

Clinton revealed she's doing this for the right reasons and hopes that the news won't hurt her credibility.

"I'm not doing this for any amount of money; that's never been our objective," Alison said. "It's truly just to get an apology.

On Wednesday night's "Dancing with the Stars," Sara's dancing friends bid an emotional goodbye to the country star.

Backstage, Lionel Richie, who's been through his own nasty divorce, had this message for the country queen.

"My heart's with her," Richie said, adding a peace sign and a smooch.

Sara's country community is rallying around her too.

"I just really feel for anybody who's going through a divorce, no matter what the circumstances," Trisha Yearwood admitted.

"They're great people," Tim McGraw added.

Stay tuned to "Extra" as we bring you the latest dish on this messy divorce saga.


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