‘Biggest Loser' Finds Prescription to Success
October 18, 2006

For the first time in years, Dr. Jen Kerns is ready to strike a pose.

But just a few months ago, the picture was much different when the 32-year-old doc tipped the scales at 270 pounds.

"I would eat super healthy for breakfast, super healthy for lunch, get home and bake a tray of brownies and eat the whole tray of brownies myself," Kerns admitted. "Go through a whole pint of ice cream, especially chocolate, sometimes both in the same night."

All that changed, however, when the doctor checked herself into "The Biggest Loser" ranch.

"I felt silly talking about diet and exercise to patients when they clearly could see that I wasn't following my own advice," Jen admitted.

Jen's emotional battle with weight goes all the way back to her painful high school years.

"It was always devastating to me because I felt like no man in the whole world would ever be attracted to me," she confessed.

But her mom, Tracey, was there cheering her on every courageous step of the way.

"Everybody tries to be tough and ignore the comments and the criticisms and the looks and everything," Tracey admitted. "But it takes its toll on people."

Jen has now lost a staggering 91 pounds and is close to her goal weight of 145.

"One of the most amazing feelings is that I dropped 5 sizes so far, still dropping, and I can shop in regular clothing stores now," Jen boasted. "Which is, I want to feel sexy. And it's good!"

Now that's a doctor who has found the prescription for a healthy and happy life! Catch "The Biggest Loser" Wednesday nights on NBC.


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