Sara Evans Seeks Divorce, Quits ‘Dancing with the Stars'
October 13, 2006

In a decision that stunned America, "Dancing with the Stars" fan favorite Sara Evans has quit the show, citing her sudden divorce as the reason.

"Extra" blows the lid off the shocking divorce, which includes allegations of cheating, abuse and a problem with pornography.

On Thursday, the country superstar, who tore up the "Dancing" floor and topped the country charts, announced her split from her husband of 13 years, Craig Schelske, and the father of her three children.

Sara's decision to split also led to her sudden split from the hit ABC show.

"Extra" obtained the explosive court documents Sara filed against her husband Friday, who was a conservative who ran for Congress in 2002 and was even photographed with President Bush.

In Sara's formal complaint, she accuses Craig of having an affair and littering their computer with pornographic pictures (including those of him having sex with other women) and personal ads soliciting sex online.

Ironically, Sara recently told us her favorite song on her latest album is called "Cheating."

"It's about some of the unfortunate things that can happen to you if you get caught cheating," she revealed.

Sara's sensational papers also claim that just two weeks ago, one of the couples's three young kids confronted Craig while he was allegedly watching an adult film.

Now, the country star has obtained a temporary restraining order against Craig, prohibiting him from physically, verbally or emotionally abusing or harassing her.

The news that Sara's dropping out of "Dancing with the Stars" sent shockwaves across America, and "Extra's" been with Sara and her dance partner, Tony, every step of the way.

"Tony and I will be friends forever," Sara promised.

As for Sara, her record company told us Friday, "Miss Evans felt it was in her children's best interest that she withdraws from the competition to give her family the full attention at this difficult time."

It's a sad twist for the star who not long ago told us how much her marriage and her family meant to her.

"My life is so full because of my children," Sara said. "Being a mother just changes everything in your life."

As Sara hangs up her "Dancing" shoes, she will continue to tango; only this time, she'll be tangoing right into divorce court.


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