Kevin Federline: The Modern Renaissance Man
October 12, 2006

Kevin Federline and Britney Spears are a paparazzo's money shot, a tabloid's dream.

Now, in an "Extra" exclusive, Kevin Federline opens up about constantly being trapped in the media frenzy.

"My wife is there for me all the time," Kevin told us. "And both of us are growing together. And it's working, it's good."

K-Fed also dished about how he really feels about people who accuse him of riding on his wife's success.

"I don't worry about it too much," he said. "I know the real deal."

The real deal, as Federline puts it, is that he's banking on his own music career with songs like "Lose Control," which is on his debut album, "Playing with Fire," set to drop on Halloween.

"That's the number one thing on my agenda right now, other than my children," the aspiring rap-artist confessed. "Children come first."

Kevin also said that Britney was his mentor behind the music. "I just got an actual copy of it last night, and I showed it to her," he admitted. "Her jaw kind of dropped to the floor; it's a good thing though!"

Having already conquered music and fashion, Kevin has set his sights set on a little thing called TV.

Our Carlos Diaz hooked up with Federline in Las Vegas, where he's ready to make his "CSI" debut. Kevin plays a street punk who picks a fight with George Eads. 

"What a wonderful thing to happen," K-Fed acknowledged of landing his first gig on one of the highest rated shows on television.

Catch Kevin's "CSI" debut, Thursday night on CBS.


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