'Dancing' Spins Sex, Secrets and Shockers
October 12, 2006

Sex, secrets and a complete shocker; it's just another day on "Dancing with the Stars."

Judge Carrie Ann Inaba came straight to "Extra" Thursday morning to talk about all things "Dance," including breaking couple's news! But this time, it's about herself!

So is the lovable judge in love?

"I am seeing somebody, yes, and I'm very, very happy," Carrie Ann responded.

That's right: Carrie Ann made it official on "Extra," revealing she's been dating "So You Think You Can Dance?" star Artem Chigvinsev for eight months.

But that's not the only couple's news heating up the dance floor!

While Mario Lopez has denied any romance with partner, Karina, we had to ask him once again, just in case he'd changed his mind.

"We are not together," Mario promised. "They should edit a DVD or behind-the-scenes footage, where she's yelling at me, scolding me and I'm accidentally kicking her and punching her in the face. Trust me, we're barely friends!"

That's a shocker to us! But the biggest shocker of all was Willa Ford and partner Maksim's "Dancing" boot Wednesday night.

Twenty million votes were cast, and Willa Ford came up short. Jerry Springer was so surprised you can see him say, "That's not right!"

Right after the show, Willa was in good spirits despite her shortcomings.

"Everybody has to go sooner or later; we're just sooner," she joked.  

"We were dumbfounded," Judge Carrie Ann insisted. "The room, it's like the bottom dropped out. I thought Joey might leave," she added. "It shocked me; it's a guessing game!"

So, who's still kicking the competition? Front running favorites Mario, Monique and Joey, as well as Sara Evans, Emmitt Smith and Jerry Springer will compete next week.

"Jerry's so cute," Carrie Ann said of the fan favorite. "After each show, he comes up to the judges and thanks us profusely."

Next week on "Dancing with the Stars," disco days are here, and you can be sure "Extra" will cover every groovy step!



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