Mel Gibson Makes Gut Wrenching Apology
October 11, 2006

In what will surely be the interview of the year, Mel Gibson faces up to Diane Sawyer Thursday morning on "Good Morning America," and he's making a sobering admission about battling his alcohol demons.

"The risk of everything, life, limb, family, is not enough to keep you from it," Mel admitted. "That's the hell of it."

Calling booze "poison," Mel revealed that he started drinking two months before his July DUI arrest and anti-Semitic tirade.

Now sober for 65 days, Gibson told Sawyer he's overwhelmed by the support he's found in his family, friends and faith.

"People can help, but it's God," Mel said. "You got to go there, you got to do it or you won't survive."

But will Mel's apology sway the public's mind? Harvey Levin, the man who broke the Gibson scandal wide open, speculated to "Extra."

"No doubt this is Mel Gibson's most important interview ever," said Levin, managing editor of "People who love him are going to love him. And the people who think he's anti-Semitic are never going to like him."

Harvey also broke news to "Extra," revealing new details about Gibson's one-on-one apologies when he met with Jewish leaders.

"I am told that some of them were somewhat receptive, and others just said, ‘We don't buy it,'" Harvey dished.

Once the lights dim on his interview with Diane Sawyer, some speculate that Mel may not be done just yet.

There are reports that Gibson could appear on the "Tonight Show," just as he did in 2004 when critics slammed "The Passion of the Christ" as anti-Semitic.

Will Mel find forgiveness once again? Watch and decide for yourself when Diane's exclusive interview begins Thursday morning on "Good Morning America."


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