‘Dancing' Favorites Team Up to Give Back
October 9, 2006

It was "Extra's" night to celebrate exclusively with the two bad boys from "Dancing with the Stars:" Mario Lopez and Joey Lawrence.

Our special correspondent and former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant, Shanna Moakler, was Mario's special guest for the evening.

But on the limo ride to Noche de Niños, Mario and partner Karina did some back seat rumor control.

"I'm always interested to hear the new rumor of the week about me," Mario said. "The first week I was a professional dancer. Then the next week I was a rule breaker; now I'm having an affair with Karina, or I'm having another affair with Eva Longoria."

"An affair with me," Shanna joked to Mario, as they sauntered through Hollywood.

"Yeah, Moakler, so you know," he joked.

Mario insisted that none of it is true, but he did reveal he's returning for more episodes of "Nip/Tuck" after recently making his debut on the FX series in a nude shower scene.

"I don't believe there's any shower scenes," he admitted. "But I haven't gotten the script yet."

We also caught up with Joey Lawrence and his partner Edyta rehearsing for the Noche de Niños gig.

So are rumors of a backstage rivalry between Joey and Mario true?

"We're cool. Everyone's cool back there," Joey promised. "There's no drama, we're all trying to do our own thing. You know?"

Joey did admit, however, that his grueling practice regimen is taking its toll on him.

"It's beating me up a little bit," he said.

You can see Mario Lopez and Joey Lawrence battle it out on "Dancing with the Stars," Tuesday night on ABC.


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