Morgan Fairchild Brawl Caught on Tape
October 6, 2006

It’s the battle of the blonde bombshells, as Morgan Fairchild faces off with Bo Derek.

The beautiful Morgan came to “Extra’s” studios to give us a sneak peek at some of the wild catfights awaiting TV viewers when the two Hollywood beauties square off in “Fashion House.”

“It sort of becomes this battle of the titans,” Morgan admitted. “It’s lots of fun.”

Morgan and Bo go toe-to-toe as dueling fashion design executives in the new drama series on My Network TV.

Morgan, a real-life student of Kung Fu, said she urged the producers to take the fight scenes over the top.

“Sometimes the producers would say, ‘Well, maybe we’ll just water it down a bit,’” she admitted. “And I was, ‘No, no, no! This is what people like! I can give you a good fight; let’s not do little girly pushy shovey stuff. Let’s do real fights.'”

Despite their on-screen hate, Morgan admitted to us that she loves working with Bo.

“It’s a lot of fun. She’s a really nice lady, very game for all this insanity, and we had a great time,” she said. “Kind of bonded, girl bonding. She’d come down to my trailer if she had any free time, and we’d just sit there and dish and, you know, talk men.”

You can see Morgan and Bo go at it when “Fashion House” makes its debut with a special two-hour episode, Monday night on My Network TV.

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