Sharon Stone's Date with Bill Clinton
October 6, 2006

“Extra” was with Sharon Stone, Charles Grodin and that other commander in chief, Martin Sheen, as all the stars geared up for Friday’s Big Apple RFK Memorial Benefit Gala honoring Bill Clinton.

“I don’t think we had a better president,” Sheen admitted.

We also asked Sharon what she thinks about Hilary for president in 2008.

“I don’t think that it’s about whether you’re male or female,” she said.

Lorraine Brocco gave us her take on Bill Clinton’s charisma. “He’s cute!” Brocco giggled.

Meanwhile, it was a city of brotherly love as Mr. Clinton teamed up with rocker Jon Bon Jovi Thursday to rebuild a Philly neighborhood. “Extra” was with the two as Bon Jovi sang Clinton’s praises.

“I feel really honored to have Mr. Clinton as a friend of mine,” he confessed. “The biggest rock and roll star in the world is right over my right shoulder.”

But the former president acknowledged the respect was mutual.

“I’ve gotten tired of hearing my wife and daughter saying he’s the most handsome man on the planet,” Clinton joked.

The duo shared the spotlight Thursday night as Former Presidents Clinton and Bush were honored for raising millions for victims of the tsunami and Hurricane Katrina.

“I love George Bush,” Clinton said. “I do.”

But Clinton will be feeling the love later this month when the Rolling Stones perform at his belated 60th birthday bash, with all proceeds going to charity.

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