Will Joey Lawrence Dance Into the Next Round?
October 3, 2006

For three weeks, he's been the bald-headed man with the bold moves. But a misstep last week could have cost him the contest.

"This isn't Cirque de Soleil," Judge Len Goodman told the former "Blossom" actor.

Now fan favorites Joey Lawrence and his sexy partner Edyta Sliwinska are showing off some of their fancy "Dancing with the Stars" footwork in the "Extra" studio.

The steamy "Dancing" couple also set the record straight on last week's rule breaking smack down.

"Jumping into a thimble is interesting, but it's not dancing," Joey recalled.

But Joey wasn't alone, as Mario Lopez's risqué lifts were also deemed as out-of-line. Joey explained why he and Edyta didn't change their act, even though they knew what repercussions may lay ahead.

"That was the problem, we didn't think about it," he admitted. "But we were last so we got to see everybody get in trouble. And then we realized, ‘Oh my gosh, we're dead.' But at that point, you can't change."

So will Joey push the envelope and break the rules again this week?

"Heck no," he quickly replied. "Tonight's dance is the waltz. Very traditional, very romantic; it's a love fest out there."

We also had to ask the lovely Edyta: what is Joey's best quality as a dancer?

"I think his posture, commitment and incredible personality," she said, as Joey bashfully looked away.

One thing we can't look away from is Joey's rocking body; he's already danced off about eight pounds!

Despite his toned physique, Joey dropped this shocker: "I've been still trying to go to the gym. It's been tough because you want to just get rail thin. I tried to put muscle on, but that's going away quickly as the dancing continues. But it's fun; it's been a really great ride."

See if that ride takes Joey and Edyta to the next round, as "Dancing with the Stars" waltzes onto ABC Tuesday night.


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