Eva Longoria Mum on Her Public Affair
October 2, 2006

Eva Longoria was out on the town Friday night, just hours after the bombshell broke of her reported breakup from basketball player Tony Parker

Sexy Eva was all smiles as she posed and held hands with close friend Jessica Simpson at a big bash for her hairdresser Ken Paves' new salon in Beverly Hills.

The beautiful "Housewife," who accredits Paves for her new do, told "Extra," "He makes me feel like a goddess."

Even though Eva gushed about her mane main, she's wasn't talking about the split. But on Monday, we uncovered shocking new details.

The New York Post reports the cuddly couple broke up after Tony was seen dirty dancing with his ex-girlfriend. While Eva stays mum about the details, we're told they're trying to work things out.

Back at the party, Jessica and Carmen Electra, who have both been through very public breakups, gave our Terri Seymour these words of advice for Eva.

"Keep on walking a straight path," Jessica advised.

"Face it with love and compassion," Carmen added. "That's really all you can do."

While Eva and her girlfriends dodged their public affairs, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony did anything but hide their love for one another!

J Lo and Marc performed together in Puerto Rico over the weekend, singing sweet praises to one another on the kickoff of his new tour.

"When we're onstage together, it's the only time I get to be the boss," Marc said. "I'm like, ‘This is my band, this is my stage.'"

The loving couple also spoke out about all the rampant rumors they're trying to have a baby.

"I must have had 20 babies by now," Jennifer joked, acknowledging, "It's part of being a celebrity, being in the public eye."

Love is in the air, and Janet Jackson is no exception to the love-struck list of celebrities!

Miss Janet opened up about the love her life, music producer Jermaine Dupree, to "Extra" in Las Vegas over the weekend.

The power couple took Sin City by storm as they partied it up alongside Jamie Foxx, Jeremy Piven, Katherine Heigl, Vin Diesel and Paris Hilton at the one-year anniversary of club Tao, where Janet hosted an album release party for her CD, 20 Y.O.

Our Carlos Diaz met up with the lovebirds, who joked about an impulse run to the Little White Wedding Chapel in Vegas. But Jermaine gave us the real dish.

"We don't have a date, but just know when we do, it's going to be loud," Jermaine promised. "It's not going to be quiet, you will know about it."

And guess who else we spotted at Tao. None other than Kevin Federline, who was partying sans his hot mama, Britney Spears!


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