Movie, Tabloid and Baby Talk with Jen
October 31, 2005

"Friends" fans may have trouble recognizing the lovely Jennifer Aniston in her new movie, "Derailed." In a dramatic change of image (and hair color), America's sweetheart plays a ruthless femme fatale who seduces the unsuspecting Clive Owen on a train.

And when "Extra's" Tanika Ray sat down with the actress, Jen was in for a big surprise!

Tanika Ray: I knew you a long time ago.

Jennifer Aniston: I know, why? Where? How do we know each other?

TR: My first job was on "Friends." I worked as a production assistant on season two almost 10 years ago.

JA: Oh my God!

TR: Do you remember me now?

JA: Oh my God, yes I do. I just can't believe it!

TR: I ordered your lunch every single day. Cobb salad, dressing on the side.

JA: Sad, isn't it?

TR: Okay, let's talk about your new movie, "Derailed." Do you think fans are ready to see you so intense in this thriller? Are they ready, Jen?

JA: I don't know. I hope so. Were you? How did you do?

TR: I was freaked out a little bit.

JA: But you know me from days before, too, so that was an added element. But I hope they will, and hopefully, let's just keep our fingers crossed.

TR: I heard you got a little injured in some of those scenes?

JA: You mean bruised? Yes, I got some good bruises on my legs. Look, it wasn't pretty. But you don't even feel it. Your adrenalin is running so you can't feel it.

Aniston's dramatic screen transformation coincides with the actress's highly-publicized new life as a single woman since her divorce from Brad Pitt and reported romance with Vince Vaughn.

TR: You must be tired of seeing yourself on those tabloids. Do you read those magazines?

JA: No, I don't. I'm probably the only person who is not sick of me yet, completely.

TR: You recently had quite a scare. A stalker broke into your home. That's scary.

JA: That is scary. You know, there will always be crazy people out there. You have to take proper precautions to see it doesn't happen.

TA: So any chance for a "Friends" reunion?

JA: Nobody is going to do it.

TR: Courteney said she would.

JA: Oh, she wouldn't. She's lying to you.

TR: That's not nice of Courteney! So tell us about being godmother to Courteney's baby girl, Coco.

JA: I'm so lucky.

TR: We've all heard you want to have kids.

JA: Yes, I almost stole that one.

TR: But does that satisfy your urges a little, when you're with Coco?

JA: Satisfies it a bit, sure.

TR: Not all the way though?

JA: No.

For now, Aniston's brood consists entirely of pet pooch Norman. So we gave Jen another surprise: a doggie bed!

And Aniston fans can check out her new movie, "Derailed," in theaters on Friday.

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