Aniston, Owen Heat Up Big Screen in 'Derailed'
October 28, 2005

In her first film since wrapping up "Friends," Jennifer Aniston is heating up the big screen with her new thriller, "Derailed," in which the actress has a scandalous on-screen affair with co-star Clive Owen.

"Pretty hot, pretty fast and I think it's just right place, right time," Aniston said of the storyline.

Aniston and Owen's rain-soaked characters, who meet on a train, consummate their affair when they head to a Chicago hotel together.

"She's at a place in her marriage and in her life where she's lost passion," Aniston said of her character. "And he's at the same place. I think they immediately sort of plug into each other."

Owen told us that "Derailed" will show Aniston fans a very different side of their favorite "Friend." "It's very different than anything, anything, she's done before," he insisted.

Meanwhile, Aniston had no problem describing her hunk of a co-star, saying, "I mean he's basically tall, dark and handsome. And there's something that he brings to the screen that's just indescribable."

But the actress wasn't one to give away the movie's big twist. "Oh they have to see it, because they just don't see what's coming," Aniston promised. "I didn't."

"Derailed" whistles into theaters November 11th, and on Monday, "Extra" takes you to the film's New York premiere.

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