Shocking Allegations Emerge from Baldwin-Basinger Case
October 28, 2005

Alec Baldwin has launched another attack at ex-wife Kim Basinger. In court papers, which were recently filed, Baldwin claims that Basinger needs therapy and has a "pathological need" to alienate their daughter, Ireland, against him. The explosive new developments come just three days before Baldwin and Basinger are set to face off in court.

Attorney Harvey Levin, managing editor of the upcoming entertainment website, said that Baldwin vs. Basinger is turning into the nastiest custody battle in Hollywood, with ugly claims ranging from sabotage and alcoholism to child abuse.

"This is how bad things have gotten," Levin said. "Alex has Kim trying to block him from flying with her daughter Ireland because Kim says she was better able to protect her from terrorists at the airport. There is an endless list of bribes. Alex graduated from NYU, but he says Kim thinks he's not capable of helping Ireland with her fourth grade homework."

The stars were spotted on different coasts this week: Basinger in Los Angeles and Baldwin attending a Halloween gala in Central Park.

But come Monday, both will be in a Los Angeles courtroom to try and settle their ongoing custody battle and resolve other bitter claims including Baldwin's request, which calls for a, "psychological evaluation of [Basinger's] mental state and fitness to parent."

"Kim says Alec has been abusive and really disruptive in this child's life," Levin said. "So you have two people battling over this child."

Reps for both Baldwin and Basinger refused to comment on the case, but you can be sure there will be a war of words when the former golden couple stare each other down in court. "Extra" will take you there on Monday.

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