Couples News: What Happened to Nicollette's Engagement?
October 27, 2005

It's the broken engagement that shocked Wisteria Lane: Nicollette Sheridan and fiancÚ Niklas Soderblom calling it quits after a year and a half.

So what went wrong?

No one is talking, but the rumors started flying when Sheridan reportedly caught up with an old flame on a recent trip to Australia. And according to People magazine's Executive Editor Peter Castro, "She recently said Oliver is the new love her life."

Sheridan means, of course, her Golden Retriever named Oliver, a present from Soderblom on her 41st birthday.

And from one's star's trouble to another, Star Jones lashed out at the New York Post on "The View" Thursday morning after the paper reported that she failed to visit her husband, Al Reynolds, in a New York jail Wednesday night.

The couple was all smiles when "Extra" caught up with them last year, but no one was smiling when Reynolds was carted off to a New York jail after allegedly driving with a suspended license.

Jones said it was nothing more than a DMV glitch. She said the Post got it wrong; she absolutely visited her husband in jail. "They were pissed because they didn't get their tabloid photograph of me at the jail," Jones said on "The View." "But I am Mrs. Star Jones Reynolds. I answer to him, not to you."

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt took a flying lesson at the Santa Monica, Calif., airport Wednesday. His instructor? The same person who once coached Angelina Jolie in the friendly skies.

After his lesson, Pitt was spotted picking up Jolie's son, Maddox.

And speaking of kids, Friday on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Catherine Zeta-Jones pins the possibility of future children on her husband, Michael Douglas.

"He says he doesn't want me to be pushing him in a wheelchair while I'm pushing a stroller," Zeta-Jones told Ellen.

Don't miss Mrs. Douglas as she takes on Ellen in a swordfight worthy of Zorro himself, Friday on "Ellen"!

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