What's It Like to Make Out with Uma? Get the Answer!
October 27, 2005

You may not know who Bryan Greenberg is yet, but you certainly will soon. The hunky actor is half of a seriously hot new big screen couple, and he told us all about his "Prime" time with the gorgeous Uma Thurman.

Greenberg plays Thurman's hunky young lover and Meryl Streep's son in the new romantic comedy, "Prime," and you better believe Greenberg wasn't complaining about all the lip locking with the luscious Thurman.

"I still can't really believe I did it," Greenberg admitted. "You just go for it, you know? There's no holding back because this is the only time I'm going to get to make out with Uma Thurman."

In the film, Thurman's character is 14 years older than her new boy toy. But Greenberg told us, "Hey, I just like women, older, younger, whatever. I think the attraction to older women is they've got their stuff together. They're women."

Up until "Prime," Greenberg played mostly smaller roles. He had a part in the HBO series "Unscripted," and he had a small role in the movie "The Perfect Score."

But once "Prime" opens on Friday, there's no doubt Greenberg's life is about to change. "I'm very fortunate," he said. "I don't take it for granted, believe me."


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