Donald Fires Back: The Book that has Trump Furious
October 26, 2005

It's the book that Donald Trump initially cooperated with, but now he does not want you to read: "Trump Nation: The Art of Being The Donald."

Trump granted New York Times reporter Timothy L. O'Brien intimate access into his empire to write the book. But now Trump claims, "Look, Tim's not a very good writer. The book is not very good."

O'Brien, however, tells a very different story. "Donald lives in his own private movie, and he's Clint Eastwood," he said.

O'Brien also hits Trump where it hurts the most: his wallet. He reveals in his book that The Donald was so broke in the 1990s that he needed a loan from his siblings to stay afloat.

But that's not the only Trump secret revealed in the book. "Donald says he dreams constantly about sex," O'Brien said. "But he never pops Viagra."

O'Brien also reports that the King of the Boardroom was bored with his beautiful second bride Marla Maples. "He said that he was bored on the very day they got married, while he was standing in the aisle at the church," O'Brien revealed.

The billionaire went ballistic over that one, telling us, "I don't know where he has it, and he may never have it. Marla is a nice woman. They should just leave her alone."

Also in the book, Trump sets the record straight about rumors that he had an affair with Mike Tyson's ex, Robin Givens. "Well, you'd have to ask Robin that," Trump said. "But it's not true."

Meanwhile, Trump is fired up about Thursday night's episode of "The Apprentice," in which four contestants get the axe.

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