Chasing Paparazzi
October 21, 2005

The war between the stars and the snaparazzi has reached new heights, and now, when stars have had enough, they call private eye John Perry of Sunset Protective Services.

"I'm there to insure they won't cross the line, and I'd like to believe they won't." says Perry.

Business for the private eye is booming. In just the past few months, Cameron Diaz, Lindesy Lohan, and Reese Witherspoon have had highly publicized confrontations with prying photographers.

This week, on a shopping trip in London, Kirsten Dunst's security people scuffled with some overseas photographers, forcing police to rush to the scene.

Perry goes on to say, "Most of them are nice guys, cooperative…just trying to make a living. There are other individuals who are more aggressive."

John's strategy is simple; he becomes friends with the photographers. He lets them know, though, that if they cross the line, he won't hesitate to turn them over to the cops. Perry has a case sitting on the D.A.'s desk right now.

With no end in sight in this cat and mouse game, more and more stars are turning to people like Perry to protect their most valued possession: their privacy.

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