Basinger vs. Baldwin in Child Custody Case
October 20, 2005

Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin's bitter custody battle over daughter Ireland has taken a turn for the worse. Harvey Levin, attorney and managing editor of the upcoming website is breaking news to "Extra" about the fight over Ireland, who turns 10 this Sunday.

"If it's true that there's a thin line between love and hate, with these papers, Alec and Kim have officially crossed that line," explains Levin. "This is as bad as it gets. Alec is accusing Kim of child snatching."

In court papers, Kim's attorney expresses concerns about Alec's alleged anger. Kim fought to seal the explosive court documents, but Alec won the battle to keep them public saying he has nothing to hide.

"I think Alec Baldwin is trying to make a point that he wants the world to see that his wife is abusing the legal system, says Levin. "That's his point of view."

Alec has also asked the court to give him more time with Ireland. Levin tells "Extra," "Somehow the judge has to look at the best interest of the child, decide who's being reasonable, who isn't and try and put a quick end to it."

Alec and Kim are due back in court on October 31.

UPDATE: On October 24, Kim Basinger's publicist, Annet Wolf, issued the following statement: "Kim Basinger emphatically denies the recent allegations made by her ex-husband. The matter is now in the court system where it rightfully should be and she is confident that her position regarding her daughter will be vindicated."


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