'Housewives' Gang Fires Back at Critics
October 18, 2005

Twenty-six million fans tuned in to "Desperate Housewives" last Sunday night, and the show's stars are giving season two big thumbs up. Yet, many TV critics are now slamming the show they once held on a pedestal.

So in the wake of the glaring headlines that claim "Desperate Housewives'" new plot twists are not juicy enough and there is no plotline tying all of the "Housewives" together, the show's creator Marc Cherry is going on the record with "Extra."

"We're trying some new things this year," Cherry said. "Some are working out real well, some, we're kind of going, 'Oh, I don't know about that.' They want us to be everything, every episode to be as exciting as the last one, and you know it's not quite how it works."

We caught up with Cherry and the show's stars Felicity Huffman and Ricardo Antonio Chavira in Hollywood Monday night at the Les Girls Five Charity Cabaret for breast cancer, where Chavira told us he believes too much pressure is being put on the show.

"It's funny, our ratings are better," he said. "But I keep on seeing things in the media about how we're in a sophomore slump."

Cherry and the cast, however, are hoping that Lynette's drunken striptease on the next episode will have "Housewives" fans buzzing. "I get completely naked," Huffman revealed.

And while it remains to be seen if the saucy scene will be enough to satisfy TV critics, there's no doubt the show's stars believe in every "Desperate" twist and turn. "I think it's better than it was last year," Teri Hatcher said.

Tune in Sunday to see if Huffman's striptease is the slump-buster that critics are waiting for.

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