Mayhem in Mexico for Catherine Zeta-Jones
October 17, 2005

Catherine Zeta-Jones is back in the long-awaited sequel to the movie that not only made her famous, but also turned her into Mrs. Michael Douglas. Now, more than seven years, two kids and an Oscar later, Zeta-Jones is back opposite Antonio Banderas in "The Legend of Zorro."

For the first time, the actress is also addressing reports that she was nearly kidnapped while making her latest flick in Mexico. In a story that went around the world, a British tabloid claimed an armed gang of would-be abductors tried to force her limousine off the road.

"It was overblown to the point of the ridiculous," Zeta-Jones said of the story. "I had my mother calling me saying, ‘'Are you alright?' I had about 50 e-mails, and I have to get back to them because they're concerned for my safety. I am fine, thanks."

Zeta-Jones insisted the so-called kidnap attempt was nothing more than a harmless fender bender, saying, "Nothing, no spin out, no screeching, we just went, ‘'Oh my God,' and off we go."

But her big-screen husband, Antonio Banderas, told "Extra" that the entire "Zorro" cast had been warned to beware of kidnappers while shooting. "At that time in Mexico it was quite dangerous," he said. "It was something that was said to us by the Mexican authorities. ‘'You have to be careful.'"

Meanwhile, we didn't let Zeta-Jones get away before doing some serious rumor control, starting with the pregnancy reports. "Hey I didn't look that big in that dress, did I?" the actress laughed.

Next rumor: does she want more kids? "I don't know, you better ask Michael," Zeta-Jones said. "I've got two kids, two healthy babies, one of each. I'm a very lucky girl."

So Catherine, any advice to balancing a Hollywood life of family and work? "You know, we're just very lucky," she said regarding her and husband, Michael Douglas. "We're in love, and we protect our privacy. If I'm working, he doesn't work and vice versa. So I don't say, ‘'Bye, I'm going to Prague for six months. See you when I get back.' And we love our children and are just kind to each other."

Catch Catherine reprise the role that made Michael fall for her when "The Legend of Zorro" opens nationwide on October 28th.

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