Ashton and Demi's Honeymoon in Vegas
October 17, 2005

Hollywood super couple Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore walked the red carpet in Las Vegas for the first time as husband and wife, and it was for a cause near and dear to their hearts: to launch the largest celebrity auction to date to benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina on

The cuddly twosome stuck to their vow of silence about their wedding, but their loving gazes told the story. Inside the big party at the Empire ballroom, Ashton and Demi sat arm and arm, and Demi wore her big diamond rock.

Ashton spilled the secret location where he was moved by news coverage of the hurricane. "I was lying in bed with my wife," he said.

The event raised $370,000, which included Ashton's own $14,000 bid for a private poker lesson. A third of the proceeds will go to Ashton's charity Rockworks.

The event was the only thing big enough to bring the newlyweds out of hiding. "We don't stop and talk and do interviews," Demi said. "But it could be you, people need to remember that."

Also at the big party was Ashton's former girlfriend Brittany Murphy, and Nick Lachey, who auctioned off Jessica's Daisy Dukes and squashed the screaming divorce headlines. "You ignore it all," he said.

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