Bloom Hits the Big Screen in 'Elizabethtown'
October 14, 2005

British heartthrob Orlando Bloom is going where he's never gone before: playing an American in a non-period film.

"It was very liberating," Bloom said of his role in "Elizabethtown." "It was a little intimidating as well, my first kind of contemporary role. And I'm playing an American. It was a challenge."

Audiences, particularly young females, fell in love with Bloom back in his Elfin days playing a blonde in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

In "Elizabethtown," Bloom plays a guy whose life is falling apart. And then his father dies, leaving him to face a family of characters he hardly knows.

"He meets this crazy, fantastic, kookie girl on the plane, and she takes him on a journey through America to learn to appreciate his own life," Bloom explained.

In real life, Bloom's leading lady is actress Kate Bosworth, who you'll see next up playing Lois Lane in the new "Superman" movie. But Bloom told us not to look for a big screen appearance by the duo. "I don't think so," Bloom said of working with Bosworth. "You never know, but I kind of keep things low key."

Catch Orlando in "Elizabethtown" in theaters everywhere.

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