Holloway's Hawaii Home Broken Into
October 13, 2005

20 million people saw Josh Holloway's Sawyer held at gunpoint on Wednesday's "Lost." But in a terrifying case of life imitating art, Holloway found himself in that very situation just hours earlier when he and his wife were startled out of their sleep by a man holding a gun.

The intruder took credit cards and cash, then made his getaway in Holloway's Mercedes, which police found abandoned.

It all happened early Wednesday morning at Holloway's Honolulu home, which the actor moved into about a year ago and recently remodeled.

No one was hurt, but Holloway's co-star Maggie Grace told the ladies of "The View" that the experience left both Josh and his wife shaken: "I feel so bad. They just finished their house and now their security is shattered."

The incident comes in the midst of an incredible year for Holloway, who has enjoyed unprecedented success playing Sawyer on ABC's Emmy-winning castaway drama, "Lost."

Investigators say it doesn't appear Holloway's attacker, who is still at large, had any idea Josh was one of primetime's biggest stars.

And while police search for Holloway's attacker, Josh will be faced with putting the incident behind him so he will once again be able to feel secure in a place he had grown to love.

"People are so warm here," Josh earlier told "Extra" about the people of Hawaii. "So full of the aloha spirit, I love it. I don't want to leave here. I hope it goes for a long time.

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