Charlize Theron Talks Wedding Bells!
October 11, 2005

Academy Award winner Charlize Theron was beaming with pride on Monday night at the premiere of her latest film, "North Country." In the film, Theron plays a feisty iron miner who leads her female co-workers in a revolt against their sexist male bosses.

Theron even brought along to the premiere a group of real-life women iron miners who inspired the movie. "I'm very proud of this film," Theron said. "I couldn't have given the performance that I did if I did not have their input and their openness. I mean they shared some really, really private things with me."

Theron's actor boyfriend Stuart Townsend also joined her at the premiere, admitting it's been a busy week. Theron and Townsend hosted a wedding for Theron's beloved mother, Gerda, on Sunday night.

"It was magical, beautiful, probably the most important day in my 30 years of living," Theron revealed. "A lot of crazy people turned up in helicopters, and I understand we might be trying to one over on them or something like that. It's just crazy to me that once they realized that they wouldn't go away."

Meanwhile, Theron recently sparked frenzy after jokingly kissing Shirley MacLaine on the butt at a Premiere magazine tribute to women in Hollywood. And on "The Tonight Show," comic Dane Cook paid it forward, planting one on Theron's bottom.

So has she started a craze across the nation? "I hope so," Theron laughed. "I've always wanted to start a trend."

Charlize and more at the "North Country" premiere
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