Lohan Taken to Hospital After Car Crash
October 5, 2005

Teen queen Lindsay Lohan is counting her blessings today. The actress walked away with only minor injuries from a frightening car accident in Los Angeles Tuesday night, but questions remain about what sent Lohan's car out of control.

Katherine Starr was just steps away when Lohan's car slammed into a delivery van in front of the famed Ivy restaurant in West Hollywood. "You could hear the air bags pop, just like that big 'pow' sound," Starr recalled. "Lindsay Lohan, the doors flew open, she ran directly out of the car into the Hideaway House Antiques."

Lohan took shelter in the store while the street quickly flooded with paparazzi, firemen and helicopters. Moments later, the star was taken to a nearby hospital, where she was treated for minor injuries.

The driver of the van, however, seemed to have suffered more serious injuries. "I could tell that he was really hurt because when he got out of the van he stumbles to the curb, sat down and was so disoriented looking," Starr said.

Before the accident, Lohan spent the afternoon dining and shopping with friends, the whole time followed by paparazzi.

"These people, they were crazy taking these photographs of her," said Lorrie Satzberg. "It was absolutely, literally ridiculous, here just shopping on Robertson."

But the relentless paparazzi aren't new for Lohan; back in May, an overzealous photographer slammed into her Mercedes and was arrested.

But this time, investigators say photographers were not a factor. Kristen Heib claims Lohan appeared to be doing nearly 50 miles per hour, and no one was following her. "All the paparazzi were on foot," Heib said. "So no one was following her."

Deputy Luis Castro told us they won't know who is at fault in this accident until their investigation concludes. "The investigators will look at the skid marks, the impact, all that will tell us the approximate speed of the vehicles," he explained.

What is known is that it was certainly a bad day for one of Hollywood's brightest young stars.

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