Eddie Murphy's Divorce Turning Ugly
October 4, 2005

Things may be getting down right dirty in Eddie and Nicole Murphy's divorce and "Extra" is taking you inside all the details.

They split August 5th and reports say Nicole quickly moved on, being spotted at a number of Hollywood hotspots with businessman Alan Daniels. Now Eddie is trying to keep his children away and equesting the court prevent Nicole from having their kids spend time around Daniels.

It's the latest move in a divorce battle that could get more than a little testy.

"The big split between Eddie Murphy and his wife Nicole is definitely one of the most monumental Hollywood divorces we've seen in awhile," Us Weekly's Katrina Szish told us.

Szish says after 12 years as the epitome of a successful showbiz relationship, there's plenty at stake: "There's tons of property, kids to consider, and when it comes down to it, tons of money."

But exacty how much money are we talking here? Eddie's assets include two New York area estates worth $37 million, the couples $10-15 million dollar Beverly Hills home, and the profits from Eddie's movies.

Big screen smashes, including "Shrek," "The Nutty Professor," and "The Haunted Mansion" have earned Eddie at least $115 million in salary alone over the past decade.

The couple does have a pre-marital agreement that Eddie has asked the court to enforce.

"In any divorce situation, the bottom line always comes down to the cash," Szish said. "And in this case, there's plenty of it."

It all adds up to one sticky divorce that could end up as one bitter court battle.

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