Kevin Costner: A Man of Adventure
September 29, 2006

It's the role Kevin Costner literally risked his life and limb to do: starring as "The Guardian," a Coast Guard rescue legend who's teaching a troubled Ashton Kutcher how to save lives.

For the first time, Kevin goes on the record about dodging death during those dangerous stunts and the hair-raising moments from the set.

"I got scared a few times, and I didn't like being up on a wire," Costner admitted. "We were up about 80-100 feet over concrete and steel. I was just, fearing death. There's a moment when the cameras stop rolling and no one can get to you and things don't always go as planned."

We had to give Kevin kudos for his high-sea call to adventure. We also had to find out if working with the young, talented Ashton Kutcher called for any real-life mentoring.

"He's a grown man, and he has made his way beautifully," Kevin said. "He's full of life, and he laughs and likes the practical joke more than the average guy."

Hit the high-seas with a not so guarded Costner; "The Guardian" is now in a theater near you!


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