Nicholson Arrives at Premiere with Young Mystery Date
September 27, 2006

Jack Nicholson was king of the red carpet Tuesday night as showbiz royalty rocked New York City at the premiere of "The Departed.”

The legendary superstar, who arrived with 22-year-old actress Paz de la Huerta on his arm, made even more noise than Mick Jagger, fellow Rolling Stone Ron Wood and music icons Bono and Billy Joel, who also all had beauties by their sides.

Leo DiCaprio arrived solo, driving up in a Prius. The superstar also revealed that despite influence from his model gal pal Bar Refa'eli, he's not a fashionista himself.

"I've never really been one, no,” he said. "I put my suits on for the premieres, but apart from that, I'm a shorts and t-shirt dude.”

Meanwhile, Matt Damon lit up the red carpet with lovely wife Luciana, but he admitted he was star struck by Nicholson.

"You look at the movies the guy has made and start naming them, and it's a pretty daunting filmography,” he admitted.

"I think it's an interesting thing,” Scorsese said. "Jack is king in a sense in the film, and in a sense, that is the same relationship that applies to him with the younger actors.”

For co-star Mark Wahlberg, the chance to work with Scorsese in a mob saga was an offer he just couldn't refuse.

"It was an opportunity to work with Marty,” he insisted. "That's why everybody came."

A sentiment echoed by Alec Baldwin: "You know, when he called and said, 'Come do the movie,' I said, 'Great.'”

In fact, the all-star cast was so great, they got a visit by the legendary Lauren Becall at the after party.

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