'Dancing with the Stars': The Morning After
September 27, 2006

The judges were angry and the "Dancing Stars" were firing back Tuesday night after the show.

Only "Extra" had Judge Carrie Ann Inaba on our set to help sort out the battling, the rule breaking and the rumors of romance on the "Dancing with the Stars" set.

After performing Tuesday, Judge Len Goodman told pop's bad girl Willa Ford, "I think you've maybe been doing a little too much bonding and not enough dancing."

But backstage, Willa insisted the rumors are not true. "Everybody wants the soap opera drama, but it's really just about me and Max," she said.

Carrie Ann, however, stood by her fellow judge's side. "I think it's a distraction," she said. "I think she should remember this is ‘Dancing with the Stars,' not ‘The Love Connection.'"

Mario Lopez and his partner, Karina Smirnoff, were dodging the same questions Tuesday.

"The first week I was like this professional dancer, the second week I'm dating Karina, next week I may be dating Joey or Emmitt," he said.

The other issue taking center stage involved couples two stepping all over the rule book.

"I feel like I'm being sent to the principle's office all the time," Mario admitted. "Carrie Ann gave me a look like I killed her dog, and I felt bad."

"I did, I gave him a dirty look," Carrie Ann admitted. "I have to say, this week I was mad at him. Last week he broke the rule. He's kind of experimenting with where he wants to go. It's okay. But this is the second week in a row now that he broke the rule."


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