Howard K. Stern Claims to Be Father of Anna Nicole's Baby
September 27, 2006

In a bombshell announcement, Anna Nicole Smith's attorney, Howard K. Stern, told Larry King Tuesday that he is the father of Anna Nicole's baby girl.

Stern has been a constant fixture in Anna Nicole's life, and on Tuesday, he revealed the newborn was named in memory of Smith's late son.

"Dannie Lynn is the first name and Hope is the middle name," Stern told King. "Where that comes from is that Daniel used to call Anna or his mom, Mama Lynn."

But today, a fierce baby battle is brewing between Stern and Anna's ex, photographer Larry Birkhead, who first claimed he was Dannie Lynn's father.

As Stern's incredible interview unfolded, "Extra" tracked down Birkhead, who was photographed with Janet Jackson at a party in New York.

Today he posted this message on his website: "I am the proud father!"

On "Larry Ling Live," Anna's attorney blasted Birkhead, accusing him of selling the story: "I mean for him to do that through ‘Entertainment Tonight.' It's just completely inappropriate."

"Extra" has learned that Anna Nicole remains in seclusion in the Bahamas, traumatized by what happened just two weeks ago when she woke up to find her 20-year-old son not breathing.

"Anna said, ‘Howard, Howard, Daniel's not breathing,'" Stern recalled. "She stayed there, and we were at the foot of the bed hugging Daniel's leg, and she was telling Jesus to take her and not take Daniel. She was pushing on his chest trying to revive him."

Howard also dismissed reports of a suicide attempt, stating, "There's just no way that Daniel would have taken his life."

Stern revealed that Daniel's funeral is currently on hold, as are his wedding plans to Anna Nicole. But he insisted the couple will tie the knot, "We will, we will."

"Anna is a fighter," Stern told King. "Somehow, some way, we're going to get through this and everything will be okay."


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