Terri Irwin: The Croc Hunterís Legacy Will Live On
September 26, 2006

For the first time since her husband’s tragic death, Terri Irwin is talking about the man the world came to love as the Crocodile Hunter.

"I feel I was so blessed," she said. "I had the best 14 years, two beautiful children and a romance like I didn’t think existed anymore."

Just three weeks after losing the love of her life, Terri revealed to Barbara Walters that her family and Steve’s spirit have been her rock.

How is she coping? "With great faith and great determination," Terri said.

TV veteran Barbara Walters told "Extra" the sit-down interview, which will air Wednesday on "Good Morning America" and "20/20," touched her too.

"I think the interview with Mrs. Steve Irwin was one of the most emotional I've ever done," Barbara declared. "She's an extraordinary woman; as was her husband."

"Extra" first met the couple in 1999.

"I thought, ‘Man who is this guy? He's like the hero of the universe,’" Terri said at the time of her late husband. "Not to mention the fact he's pretty fine looking."

Back then, daughter Bindi was just one year old. Now 8, the adorable little girl gave her father this touching tribute with a brave face on: "When I see a crocodile, I will always think of him."

Steve Irwin’s good friend Russell Crowe dished to "Extra" that Steve’s little girl will follow in her father’s footsteps.

"He was just always so full of life," he said. "It’s been a very different life for her and her brother."

It’s also a very different life for Steve’s wife, who has dedicated herself to keeping her husband’s legacy alive.


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