Introducing TV's Newest 'Bachelor'
September 20, 2006

"Extra" is first to uncover TV's newest "Bachelor," and let us assure you, Prince Charming has nothing on this guy.

Lorenzo, or should we say Prince Borghese, is a real-life Italian prince. But there's no need to bow down when season nine of the hit show premieres October 2 on ABC.

"I have always grown up as just 'Lorenzo Borghese,'" he told us. "It's just a title. When someone gets married, they're called Mrs."

So why would a prince look for love on national TV?

"It's not problems getting a girl," he explained. "But it's problems finding the right girl."

For all those potential princesses, here's a hint on how to capture a little slice of royalty: put down that cell phone!

"I don't know what the deal is with the text message," Lorenzo insisted. "I'm having dinner! That's exactly what I'm not looking for."

As for what the girls are looking for, Lorenzo, who runs the family cosmetics business with his father, just hopes he measures up.

"My biggest fear would be giving a girl a rose and having her give it right back to me," Lorenzo admitted. "I get rejected all the time."


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