Nick Chavez: Beautiful Looks in the Knick of Time
September 18, 2006

His name is Nick Chavez, and he caters to a bevy of beautiful A-listers including Maria Shriver, Nicollette Sheridan and "The Young and the Restless'" Michelle Stafford.

Only "Extra" went one on one with the go-to man at his Beverly Hills salon as he shared his all-knowing star beauty secrets. And he revealed how you too can get his star worthy look in your own home!

As the number one selling hair care product king on QVC, Nick has a cult following. The hair legend also has his own signature line of makeup.

From beautiful eyes and the perfect amount of rosy pink on your cheeks, Nick shared his beauty secrets with "Extra," beginning with the eyes.

"I've got one of the most amazing star secrets for you," he shared. "Get your white pencil."

That's right, with the help of white eyeliner, touch around the inside corners of the eye for a look that creates bigger, more mysterious eyes.

"This is a must, must, must," Nick dished. "It's fresh, it's young."

Another must-know eye trick: use your blush on the wide lifts of the eye.

"Those wide lifts on the eye, where they always told you to put white shadow, they're gone. Done with. Don't do it," Nick said. "Get your blush, and just go ahead and put that blush there."

When applying blush to the eye, be sure to come right down the nose to the T-zone to achieve that beautiful glow.

The makeup master wasn't done there, next sharing secrets about concealer!

"One of the great ways to put it on is to get yourself a brush," Nick shared. "You come over here and just dab. Another thing is use your finger to press into it so it doesn't get cakey."

And Nick's solution for more luscious, plump and kissable lips?

"If you want those fuller lips, don't use a pencil," he dished.

Instead, catch the corners of your lips with color and, in effect, it will give the illusion of a fuller lip.

For the finishing touch, Nick focused on the hair with a little help from his line of pomade and hair spray.

"That took two seconds to do," he pointed out. "If you're spending 20 minutes on your hair and makeup, you've overdone it."

Just a little bit of advice for a more beautiful you.

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