Teri Hatcher Dishes ‘Desperate' Secrets
September 18, 2006

Teri Hatcher is opening up to "Extra" about a "Desperate Housewives" season three shocker!

"You're here on an interesting day," Teri confessed to our Dayna Devon.

On the day we stopped by the set, Teri had just learned that someone gets killed during a hostage stand-off in season three. "I just read this," she explained, quickly adding, "Of course I can't tell you who."

Also on Wisteria Lane, Teri's character Susan has been waiting a long time to settle down with Mike. But Hatcher revealed there's a new guy in the neighborhood this season, played by Dougray Scott, and he's making Susan think twice.

"He's unbelievably nice, he's unbelievably understanding, he's very cute and, okay, he's got a British accent, you know his character's rich," she said. "It's like, ‘Susan, really? You want to be with the plumber?'"

Off-screen, Teri revealed there's no man in her life right now.

"I'd like to be in a relationship," she confessed. "I'm not, it's not desperate. It's just kind of is what it is."

Teri certainly didn't have much time to date this summer; she and daughter Emerson embarked on a journey to Alaska where they worked on a documentary on whales.

"We fished and we caught shrimp, and Emerson learned how to rip the heads off shrimp," Teri shared. "I ate them raw, we cooked them. We love camping, you know, I grew up fishing, that was great."

But after their bonding summer adventure, Teri admitted it was tough to drop Emerson off for her first day of school this year.

"I get about two blocks around the corner," Teri said. "I wonder if she's okay, I wonder if she made it to the classroom."

Teri also opened up about how co-star Marcia Cross broke her big baby news on the set.

"She called me, you know just sort of said, ‘I want you to hear this before you hear it in the gossip mill,'" Teri recalled. "I'm so excited for her; she's waited such a long time."

Don't miss all your favorite "Housewives," when the hit show returns Sept. 24 on ABC.


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