Beauty in a Bottle: The Most Expensive Skincare Revealed
September 15, 2006

Women everywhere long for that red carpet glow every Hollywood celebrity seems to have. But would you really pay $100 a day to achieve the same look?

"Extra's" got your beauty 411 on the world's most expensive skin care secrets.

When Madonna, Naomi Campbell and Drea de Matteo want to revive their tired skin, they turn to Revive, the brainchild of renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Gregory Brown.

Dr. Brown created Revive with an ingredient originally used to help burn victims. After seeing the astonishing results, he decided to take his new solution worldwide.

But you might need to be revived when you hear the price of the company's newest product. It's called Po-Magnifique, a 28-day enzyme treatment that costs a cool $1,500.

"The reason it's so expensive is just because of the bioengineering behind it, to be able to clone the enzyme that's in it," revealed Revive spokesperson Hilton Lee.

However, this is just one of the pricey products on the celebrity beauty market.

The most expensive skin care product of all is La Mer's The Essence, made from sea algae, narcissus bulbs and rosemary.

It costs $2,100 and is applied to the skin for 21 days.

"'The Devil Wears Prada' or the cast from ‘Desperate Housewives,'" revealed La Mer's Tyler Jones. "I think you know who they are."

Now you too know the secret to getting flawless, million-dollar skin!

Revive Skincare and
La Mer
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