Say Bye-Bye to Wrinkles
September 13, 2006

Step aside Botox, there's a new wrinkle in the anti-aging game.

"It's not subtle, it really works," revealed the king of affordable fashion, Isaac Mizrahi, who happens to be the wrinkles buster's biggest fan.

So what is this miracle solution called? It's a revolutionary face cream called StriVectin, the number one selling wrinkle cream in the world.

Only "Extra" was behind the scenes when Isaac shot his first commercial as StriVectin's new spokesperson, as the face of the product that he claims works better than Botox.

"From day to day,from hour to hour, you just see, like, little crows feet go away," Mizrahi said. "Then, eventually, things start to tighten up. It's really, really unbelievable!"

StriVectin, which costs $135 for six ounces, was originally created to treat stretch marks. But Isaac says it's not a stretch to think men could benefit from it too.

"As I get older, the skin starts to sag," the fashion icon admitted. "I swear to you I notice when I use that cream, my face doesn't sag as much."

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