Kelly Preston and Toby Keith Bring Country to Hollywood
September 8, 2006

How do you keep a high-powered Hollywood relationship alive? Just buy a plane!

"I'm telling you, it helps enormously," Kelly Preston revealed, who often travels with her full-time actor and part-time pilot husband John Travolta high in the sky.

So, does the couple talk in the cockpit?

"Sometimes I'll run up there with the stupidest things, like, ‘Honey, I've got to do the checklist," Kelly dished.

This week's checklist had Kelly's new movie, "Broken Bridges," at the top. The film opens Friday and co-stars country music star Toby Keith.

"He's just a good, real, down-to-earth guy," she said of Keith.

In fact, Kelly and John got so close to Toby while filming of the movie, they couldn't get the singer-actor off their couch one night. Or so Kelly says.

"He came over to our house and he says, ‘I think I drank them out of the house and home: they had no beer left,'" Kelly said, adding, "He left at 4:30 in the morning."

But Toby said, when he could stay focused, he was just collecting acting tips from Kelly.

"Yeah, she's chewing me out," he said. "But, damn, she's hot. Every scene, we get a little closer through the whole movie."

See the chemistry yourself when "Broken Bridges" hits theaters Friday.


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