So They Think They Can Sing?
September 7, 2006

"Celebrity Duets" returns Thursday night, pairing the musically inclined pros with the eye-popping wannabes.

The competition is heating up in Simon Cowell’s newest adventure, so tune in to FOX Thursday night to see the surprise match-ups and hear who’s singing a different tune.

But if singing isn’t your thing, are you ready for some football? ESPN is!

That’s right, Monday Night Football is moving to the sports-infused station. But some things have stayed the same as Hank Williams sings the same song with a brand new sound and an all-star lineup of musical greats.

"Extra" is giving you a sneak peek at the new band with Clarence Clemons and Stevie Van Zandt together again on the same stage.

"A little alternative, a little funk, a little rock, a little country; it's cool," they dished to us.

Also jumping on the new sound wave is Aerosmith’s Joe Perry and Little Richard.

If you want to watch those great tackles, you’ll have to turn your TV to ESPN, but if you want to know what love has to do with it, tune in to "Happy Hour."

It’s the brand new comedy that shows what happens when love takes a nose dive -- fast and hard.

See for yourself when cupid’s arrow hits an olive in the debut episode, Thursday night on FOX.



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