'Grey's Anatomy:' Steaming up ABC
September 6, 2006

"Grey's Anatomy" is about to scrub in for season three with sexy doc Patrick Dempsey, who opened up to "Extra" about what's to come at Seattle Grace after a hot and heavy finale sent McDreamy back into the arms of Meredith.

"We pick up where we left off last season," Dempsey said. "A decision is sort of made. And we move forward with the pros and cons of that decision."

This year, "Grey's" makes a house call to a new day and time, scrubbing Sundays for primetime Thursdays and going head to head with "CSI."

As for the competitive nature of the TV market, "I'm don't know if I'm looking forward to that," Dempsey admitted. "I'm excited for the change, and hopefully it works out for the best for the show and everybody else."

On Tuesday night in Hollywood, Patrick joined his fellow castmates in toasting the upcoming year at a DVD release party for season two, which will hit stores Sept. 12.

"It's very, very steamy," Walsh promised.

"We're part of something that's become somewhat of a phenomenon," James Pickens said.

Sexy-yet-frustrating Alex, a.k.a. Justin Chambers, even broke doctor confidentiality about new paychecks for the medical team. Did season three equal three times the pay?

"We're dealing with that," he said.

Before we left the medical fest, we had to ask Patrick about his McDreamy look.

"It takes a lot of work," he admitted of his hair and scruffy face. "Nothing happens overnight. I have a special razor because I have a permanent shadow. I just shave it down; it's like a weed whacker."

While Dempsey maintains his McDreamy look, we couldn't help but ask about the praise he's been garnering as fans deem him the George Clooney of the next generation.

"That's funny. George Clooney is an amazing guy," Dempsey admitted. "I look in the mirror, I don't see it."

You can see Patrick and decide for yourself, when "Grey's Anatomy" premieres Sept. 21 on ABC.


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