Roxy: Fashionistas Help the Stars Enjoy Endless Summer
September 4, 2006

Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Rebecca Romijn, Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba are Hollywood's hottest Roxy girls, and "Extra" has the dish on why these super chicks are super stoked about surfer fashion.

"Rebecca Romijn just wore our shorts on the cover of Self magazine," revealed Roxy's head designer, Dana Dartez." I guess she really loved them."

Dartez also told "Extra" that you don't have to be a surfer to be a Roxy girl, but you do need a colorful sense of adventure like Cameron.

"She's funny, she's confident, she can laugh at herself; I just think she's great," she revealed.

Pro surfers Lisa Anderson and Kassia Meador gave us a tour of the Roxy headquarters, where the first pair of sexy board shorts was designed for World Champion Lisa more than 15 years ago. And after that, gone were the days worrying about losing her bikini bottoms when she hit the surf!

 "Basically from that point, they had a poster child," Anderson said. "That was me, the board short. We launched everything and just went crazy!"

"And now Roxy and women's surfing is kind of where it is today," Kassia added. "It's the biggest it's ever been!"

The hugely successful clothing line is definitely for the customer who loves making waves. "She's adventurous. She's not scared to get a couple of bruises or scrapes, you know what I mean?" Kassia said of the average Roxy chick. "She's just, like, up for a good time!"




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