MacLaine Stays Feisty at Age 71
September 30, 2005

Shirley MacLaine may be 71 years old, but she's red hot all over again in her new movie, "In Her Shoes," which also stars Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette.

MacLaine is also starring opposite Jennifer Aniston in the upcoming film, "Rumor Has It."

"It's magnificent," MacLaine said of her career. "And I do feel I deserved it."

But after 51 years in showbiz, MacLaine is shocked by the price of fame for the 21st century starlets. "I don't know how they do it," MacLaine admitted. "It's really a different civilization. When I started in the studio system, you were protected."

But even back then, just like her young co-star Cameron Diaz, MacLaine once had to take aggressive steps to take on a tabloid machine. "One of the gossip columnists wrote something about me, that wasn't true," MacLaine explained. "And I went in and socked him. I just decked him. But I did check on what Ďassault and battery' was. I consulted with my lawyer."

Yes, don't mess with straight shooter Shirley, who even spilled some love secrets from the "In Her Shoes" shoot about when Diaz's man Justin Timberlake would visit. "They were hanging out and lounged all over the steps of the trailer and kissing," she recalled. "It was darling."

So what about MacLaine's love life? "I've got better things to do than have another love affair," the actress insisted. "I look at my dog, and I think the more I know of men, the more I love my dog."

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