Stone and Lopez Join Forces for AIDS Benefit
September 30, 2005

There was a superstar wardrobe malfunction in Hollywood Thursday night, but this time it was all in the name of charity. Two of the most powerful women in showbiz, Sharon Stone and Jennifer Lopez, joined forces for Macy's Annual Passport AIDS Benefit.

"Who'll give me $500 to come and put my dress back on?" Sharon asked the crowd. "Who'll give me a thousand? I'll take your $500, get up here!"

But before the sexy Stone show started, Lopez did a little solo work on the red carpet. "Sharon Stone needs to come right now," Lopez said. "You know, it's not fun being the only person on the line. I think this is a first for me. Everybody is just kind of waiting. It's very daunting."

But Lopez was armed with a good luck kiss and message from husband Marc Anthony. "He just said, 'You look beautiful,'" Lopez revealed.

Longtime AIDS activist Elizabeth Taylor was actually set to host the event, but when her failing health forced her to stay home, Stone graciously stepped in. "I didn't speak with her tonight," Stone said. "But I do speak with her periodically."

"Elizabeth has had a lot of different issues with her hip and her back, so she's pushing on," Stone added. "And she's pretty cool."

"Extra" also got a close-up look at Stone's Elsie Katz dress that was doing a little fundraising of its own. "It's very sexy, very sexy," Stone said.

So can we expect Stone's clothes to come off again soon for "Basic Instinct 2"? "There will definitely be some danger, a lot of excitement and some really daring and controversial things," the actress revealed.

Macy's Annual Passport AIDS Benefit, along with Lopez and Stone, raised more than $1.4 million Thursday night.


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