The Rise and Fall of Tom Sizemore
September 29, 2005

Few stars have shined so brightly only to fall so far. Tom Sizemore, a tough guy icon from movies like "Black Hawk Down" and "Saving Private Ryan," was convicted of domestic violence in 2003 involving his ex-girlfriend, former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss. Now, Sizemore opens up exclusively to "Extra" about sex, drugs and losing his career and home.

Jon Kelley: Tell me about the domestic violence charges and what went on after that for you.

Tom Sizemore: I've never hit a woman in my life, may God strike me dead. I left that house on November 11, 2004, with $8.38 to my name, and I did not know where I was going.

He may not have had a destination, but Sizemore did have a serious drug problem.

TS: You don't want to think, "I lost everything." When those thoughts would come into my mind they were overwhelming thoughts, so I would use drugs to quell the pain.

JK: At what point did you feel like you'd hit rock bottom?

TS: When I couldn't remember where I lived. I was going to kill myself.

JK: You were going to take your own life?

TS: I was. I had plans to do it. My attorney called me, and said, "Tom, if you don't get in treatment you're going to die." And I said, "I know, I'm going to do it myself."

And then came the moment that turned everything around for Sizemore, as he stood in front of the converted garage he called home.

TS: My dog and my girlfriend got out of the car. And he jumped out of her and he ran over to me. I said to Jessica, "I want to go to rehab, for a long time." And she said, "Thank the Lord."

JK: While you were in rehab this summer, a sex tape surfaced. What can you tell me about that?

TS: Well, not having seen it, I know Iím in it. But Iím not making a penny. I donít have a dollar today, ladies and gentlemen. My babies (7-week-old twins with girlfriend Janelle McIntire) are on welfare. Isnít that neat-o? If I was making money from this tape, my babies would not be on welfare.

JK: How have your children changed your life?

TS: My children are the greatest thing that's ever happened to me. They are beautiful, Jaiden Alice Sizemore, and Jagger Thomas Sizemore. All I want to do, in the end, is maintain my sobriety and my health and work so I can take care of these children and give them every opportunity in life.

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