Is Courteney Cox Getting 'Desperate'?
September 28, 2005

The rumors never seem to end when it comes to celebrities, and today we're going cross country to set the latest gossip straight. So from New York to Los Angeles, Dallas to Wisteria Lane, here's your latest edition of Rumor Control!

They've got one of TV's top shows, and now the "Desperate Housewives" may have a new friend. Is it true that Courteney Cox Arquette is moving in to Wisteria Lane as a guest star?

No -- Cox's people tell "Extra" that as juicy as the rumor is, it's not true.

Meanwhile, screen legend Shirley MacLaine has won an Oscar and had plenty of people kissing up to her, but did fellow Oscar winner Charlize Theron take that to a whole new level at this year's Premiere Women in Hollywood Awards dinner?

Yes -- "I'm going to kiss your a** too," Theron said to MacLaine while onstage. But actually, literally, so…--" Needless to say, Theron was true to her words.

And what did MacLaine think of the rear end recognition? "That's the best I've had all year."

The Premiere Women in Hollywood Awards air October 2nd, on AMC.

Over in the Big Apple, Denise Richards is in town to set straight a few things of her own. Are Denise and estranged husband Charlie Sheen trying to work things out?

Yes -- At least that's what it sounded like this morning on "Good Morning America." "All I can say is Charlie and I are focusing on our children," Richards said. "And if our marriage can be saved that would be such a blessing, and if for some reason we can't, we'll try and be the best parents we can be."

And finally, forget who shot JR, how about who is playing JR. With a big screen remake of "Dallas" in the works, are some of Hollywood's biggest stars battling over Larry Hagman's cowboy hat?

Yes -- "Extra" has learned that Mel Gibson, John Travolta and Kevin Costner are all looking to throw on a pair of boots.

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