Lawford Breaks Kennedy Code of Silence
September 28, 2005

"Extra" got a rare glimpse of Camelot from an insider, including all the sex and drugs that went along with it. President Kennedy’s nephew, Christopher Lawford, who is the son of debonair rat packer Peter Lawford and JFK’s sister Patricia Kennedy, is telling all.

In his bombshell new memoir, "Symptoms of Withdrawal," Lawford breaks the Kennedy code of silence, revealing for the first time everything from details about his Aunt Jackie to his connection to JFK Jr.’s fatal plane trip.

Lawford, who was once an "Extra" special correspondent, also chronicles in his book his descent and recovery from a near-fatal drug and alcohol addiction. "I ended up in the emergency room," Lawford said. "I was arrested. I overdosed." Luckily for Lawford, he was able to overcome his addictions.

The book dishes some Kennedy family secrets, including a racy childhood recollection of Jackie O. "She happened to be the first woman I walked in on," Lawford told Larry King. "I had the experience that every young boy has, and it happened to be the most famous woman on the planet."

In fact, the incident with Jackie had such an impact, Lawford wrote in his book, "Seeing her like this changed me from the boy I was into something more."

"This is the first honest memoir about the Kennedy family," Newsweek’s Nikki Gostin insisted.

And not only does Lawford reveal secrets about the Kennedy clan in his new book, he also provides an intimate look into his famous father’s affairs.

"Peter Lawford told his son, Chris, that Lana Turner was the best sex he ever had," Gostin said. "And that he actually never had sex with Marilyn Monroe because she was unhygienic."

"My dad was real particular about hygiene," Lawford wrote in his book.

Lawford also revealed that he was almost on the doomed flight with JFK Jr. and his wife, Carolyn.

Thursday on "Extra," see more of the shocking interview with Christopher Lawford, where he discloses why he didn’t take that fateful plane ride with John F. Kennedy Jr.


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