Trump and Wife Melania Expecting!
September 27, 2005

When "Extra's" Tanika Ray interviewed Donald Trump last Thursday, "Extra" had already confirmed through independent sources that The Donald was about to become a daddy again. But Trump was not quite ready to fess up, saying, "We're always working on that."

Trump also promised us that when the time came for he and wife Melania to announce any baby news, "Extra" would be the first to know.

And we were. Now, the whole world knows Trump and Melania are expecting in the spring. And with a new heir to the Trump Empire on the way, one of Donald's famous friends couldn't wait to share her joy with "Extra."

"I'm so happy for both of them," said Martha Stewart. "I'm sure Donald is very excited and Melania, well, she's over the top."

So here's how the new baby fits into the Trump family tree. Donald and Ivana have three kids, Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric. Donald and Marla have 11-year-old Tiffany. And now Donald and Melania are ready to greet their first billion-dollar baby.

The Trump empire just keeps on growing.

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