Beatty to Go Up Against Schwarzenegger for Governorship?
September 23, 2005

Excited supporters were wildly waving banners Thursday as they chanted "run Warren run" and "stop Arnold." The crowd, including friend and political ally Sean Penn, expected Warren Beatty to officially launch the most glamorous and high-powered political battle of all time: The Lady Killer vs. The Governator.

But instead, the 68-year-old movie legend abruptly ended months of speculation that he might challenge fellow Hollywood superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger for his job as governor of California.

"I always preferred not to run for public office," Beatty said. "I still prefer not to run for public office."

And with actress wife Annette Bening at his side, Warren spoke exclusively to "Extra" right after dropping the bombshell in a speech to the California Nurses Association in Oakland, where he talked to us about his obviously-disappointed fans who wanted him to run.

"I think you do the right thing, you know," Beatty said. "You say what you think is the truth and you try to perform a public service that way. Running for public service is another matter. I don't really want to do that."

But the famously-outspoken critic of the Governator vowed he'd continue to be a thorn in Arnoldís political side, saying, "I tell you what I want to do is continue saying what I think is the right thing to say, and Iíve had a lot of experience doing that. I like to do it."

Meanwhile, the woman who might have succeeded Maria Shriver as Californiaís first lady was standing by her man. "I think making speeches and trying to say the right thing about the upcoming special election is important," Bening said. "As many people should speak out as possible. And I think it's good that he's speaking up."

But considering that itís politics weíre talking about, thereís always a chance Warren just might change his mind.

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