Mortensen Calls His New Movie 'Perfect'
September 23, 2005

Hunky Viggo Mortensen has Oscar buzzing thanks to his controversial new movie, "A History of Violence," in which he stars as a small-town family man whose life is altered after a series of events.

Even before the movie's release, there has been a lot of talk about the heavy violence in the film, but at the Hollywood premiere, Mortensen told "Extra" the hype is overblown.

"There's actually a lot less then in most American movies," he insisted. "I think it's a perfect movie."

Mortensen's steamy sex scenes with Maria Bello are also creating a buzz. But it's the powerful performances of the cast, which includes Ed Harris, that have many people believing this is the must-see movie of the fall.

Catch "A History of Violence" when it hits theaters on September 30th.

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