Are Donald and Melania Expecting?
September 22, 2005

The one and only Donald Trump is stepping in as "Extra's" co-host for the day, and what better opportunity for Trump to set some of the latest rumors straight than on "Extra." So here you have it, a very special Donald Trump edition of Rumor Control.

Thursday night, Trump introduces a fresh batch of media mogul wannabes, but could the Trump organization also be expanding in another direction -- perhaps as in, his family? Is Melania, Trump's wife of 8 months, expecting?

No -- "Right now Melania is not pregnant," Trump said. "At least not that I know of. We're working; we're always working on that."

Next rumor: the new "Apprentices" were handpicked by The Donald, but is it true that one of the "Apprentices" once worked in a gentleman's club?

Yes -- "Well there is, but we have a lot of really talented people," Trump insisted.

Inside sources confirmed the "multi-talented" contestant is Alla, a spa and salon chain owner, originally from Russia.

Meanwhile, Martha Stewart's version of "The Apprentice" premiered Wednesday night, of which Trump told us, "It's a very different thing. I use the term, ‘You're fired,' and she uses a very different term." But is it true that Stewart might be changing her signature firing line?

Yes -- An inside source told "Extra" that Martha might tweak her phrase, which as of Wednesday night, was "you just don't fit in."


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